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Boot Camp Program Details FAQ and Scheduling

Upcoming Boot Camps

**21 Day Challenge - TBA

**New Members May Start Anytime



Existing Boot Camp Weekly Schedule

Monday - Upper Body Resistance Training

Tuesday - Interval Cardio

Wednesday - Total Body RT

Thursday - AMRAP

Friday - Cirucit

Saturday - Cardio Kickboxing

** Changes weekly with updated workouts

What type of workouts do you do? 

We do a wide range of workouts and never the same one twice. Cardio workouts typically operate under the idea of HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training. However, don't let that scare you, I do plently of modifications. Resistance workouts utilize the dumbbells and kettlebells. 



What does a typical schedule look like?

Monday - Resistance Day

Tuesday - Cardio Intervals

Wednesday - Core Resistance

Thursday - Tabata

Friday - Circuit

Saturday - Shadow Boxing



What do you do after the 6-weeks? 

We have an alumni program. Our training is designed in a way that challenges you to improve through each workout. Week 1 is not necessarily harder than week 6. While many of the movements find themselves back into a workout - the style and format of the workout is always changing. 

What type of results can I expect in 6-weeks? 

With anything results are based on your effort and attendance. Typical results range from 10 - 20 pounds lost, decrease in 2 - 5% body fat, and an average of 5 inches overall. **Please note I cannot promise results. Results shown were a combination of changed nutrition and daily workouts. Everyone is different. 


Can you come to any class time? 

Typically yes, however, when a class is sold out those participants reserved the right to that time. Short answer yes you can come to any class time as long as there is room. 


Nutrition - tell me about the meal plan!

Nutritional science is changing every year. We offer our boot camps an 80-page meal plan/recipe PDF file to follow, as well as over 10+ different infographics teaching about healthy eating. 

Examples include: What to eat after a workout, what to eat for your body type, intake for specific body fat goals, etc... 


Do I need to be in shape to attend classes? What if I am brand new to working out? 

The biggest thing I ask is that you have basic functional movements down. Like a squat or pushup. Almost anyone can attend my class since we modify for those that need it. However, in a group fitness setting, it is challenging to give proper attention to those that need form checks. I offer assessments and I am MORE than willing to help anyone before or after classes.